Los Angeles

With more than 10,000-sq.-ft. of space, with room to expand, this conveniently located office serves as the hub of the company's operations and includes a 4k screening room, edit bay and motion capture rig.

New York

The company moved into its current New York City office in the winter of 2018. From this new office, the NY team is able to handle all stages of the visual effects pipeline, allowing productions to claim the New York State Post Production tax credit. To learn more about the NY State Post Production tax credit click here.


The studio's Vancouver office opened in the summer of 2019 and has quickly expanded, primarily servicing clients in the television and film sectors. Construction of a larger studio is currently underway with a targeted move-in date of summer 2020.

Ingenuity Studios provides world-class services from its Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver studios





Ingenuity Studios has been mastering the art of visual effects since 2004. With a robust pipeline and highly trained team of artists and producers, we will work with you every step along the way to ensure we deliver the best quality visuals, on-time and on-budget.


Our design and animation team turns your words, ideas and storyboards into beautiful moving images on screen. From titles, to logos, to fully-animated characters, and everything in between, there is no animation project too big or too small. 


Ingenuity’s in-house editorial team works hand-in-hand with our production team to streamline the editorial process for our clients, providing the highest level of editorial, creative and technical expertise.


Our team of experienced visual effects supervisors will help you make the best possible choices during pre-production and filming to achieve your creative goals in a time-efficient and budget-friendly manner.


Ingenuity’s editorial team offers full color finishing; through color correction and grading our colorists will elevate the look of your project and achieve the exact color, tone and feel of your specifications.




Ingenuity exists to bring heart and technology to storytelling


We dream impossible dreams and work to make them real.


We are involved from the start. Being involved from the beginning benefits everyone. VFX isn't just green-screens and color isn't just making things "pop"; integrating post-production from start to finish expands storytellers capabilities and puts the impossible within reach.


We focus on efficiency. Simple isn't always the best way to tell a story, sometimes it takes intimidating complexity - we shy from neither.

Our work speaks for itself. We don't settle for less than our full capabilities. We're not just guns for hire, we love what we do and are passionate about being great.